Web Streaming Your Event Live and On-Demand

Irwin Video can web stream your event live and make it available for on-demand viewing straight after the event.

Event Web Streaming to extend your audience

Event Webcasting to extend your audience

Live web streaming, webcasting or videocasting will help your event reach a much wider audience.
Post-event, on-demand web streams can help you engage with your audience long after the physical event has ended. They can also generate interest and increase footfall for future events.

We have the camera crews and equipment to events filming as well as the live web streaming equipment. Ideally the venue where the event is taking place will have an adequate broadband connection which will allow us to upstream the live video. However, if the local broadband is insufficient, we have a mobile broadband system which combines multiple 3G/4G mobile signals for high quality up-streaming.

For more information on web streaming, or if you would like a quotation please contact us with details of your future event and filming and web streaming requirements.