Using Video for Research

Using video for research projects can greatly enhance your findings report. In the following short film, Pieter Kleijwegt of Ideas and Visions explains the power of video in market research reporting:

Irwin Video specialise in providing film and video services for many different market research agencies, for a wide variety of qualitative research projects. Below are some examples of using video for research purposes.

Car Clinic AV Services

Irwin Video are the leading UK video and AV supplier for car research clinics. We travel around the UK and beyond to work on car clinics that require our AV and focus group filming services.

Focus Group Filming & Video Links

In addition to filming focus groups in a car clinic setting, we often film and record focus groups for qualitative research in other market sectors. These are often conducted in a hotel room, so we set-up a video link to a separate client viewing room nearby.

Web Streaming for Market Research

When clients want to watch the focus groups or in-depth interviews remotely, perhaps from home or their office, we are able to web stream the research from wherever we are filming.

Consumer Insight Films

Sometimes video for research takes the form of vox-pop filming on the street or in a supermarket. We also film in-home interviews, perhaps as part as an ethnographic study. Quite often, we work with qualitative market researchers to produce consumer insight films and research documentaries.

Video for Research
In-store filming of an in-depth interview

Video Editing for Research Reporting

Using our own recordings of respondents, or sometimes footage taken from viewing facilities DVDs, our video editors work with our market research clients to create an engaging video summary of their findings.