Car Clinic AV Support for Automotive Research

Our Car Clinic AV Services:

  • Operated or Static Camera HD Filming of focus groups and depth interviews
  • Secure wireless mobile filming, useful for filming around vehicles in a car clinic setting
  • High quality radio microphones for all respondents and moderator
  • Audio / Video link to Clients Viewing area: Large screen HD TV monitors and multi-channel digital wireless headphones
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment for projects requiring live translation
  • High quality MP4 video recordings and MP3 audio recordings delivered on site
  • Professional grade in-car mini cameras
  • High specification 4K and HD TVs, LED video walls and projection systems for displaying stimulus
  • Secure, low cost video web streaming

Car Clinic Filming

Car clinic filming

Car clinic filming

Irwin Video specialise in providing car clinic AV and focus group filming. We have provided car clinic AV support for many different market research companies. We work on automotive research projects in the UK and for multi-market projects around the world.

Our car clinic AV technique involves focus group filming, including wireless mobile filming for when the respondents are required to discuss whilst walking around vehicles. Filming can be either single or multi-camera and we include radio microphones for all respondents to achieve great sound quality. At the end of the event, we provide high quality MP4 video recordings for the research team and clients to take away on USB pen drives.

HD video link

HD video link and digital wireless headphones in the viewing room

Video Links & Web Streaming for Car Clinics

More often than not, researchers and clients will want to watch the focus groups from a client viewing room. For this we provide a HD video link to a large LED TV or HD projector. Clients listen in to the discussion using our digital wireless headphones. If simultaneous interpretation is required, we provide the necessary equipment to facilitate this. Viewers can then select the appropriate channel on their headsets to listen to either the local language or the interpreter.

We can also provide secure live video web streaming from car clinics so clients can log-in and watch remotely. See Web Stream Your Research.

Drive-Test Filming

For car clinic AV projects that require dynamic evaluation, we install high quality dash mounted cameras and microphones. We even have the technology to be able to live web stream the drive so clients can watch from the comfort of a client viewing room or indeed their own office/home. See Live video link for further information.

LED Video Wall & Large Screen Projection

For clinics that require respondents to evaluate full size images of vehicles, we can supply and install a large LED Video wall in the size you require, or a large screen video projection system.

Large screen projection for market research

Large screen projection for displaying stimulus