Using Consumer Insight Films to Present a Compelling Message

You conduct the research, we provide our film making expertise. The result is a highly engaging consumer insight films which bring your research findings to life. Consumer insight films, or research documentaries, can offer your client a deep insight of their consumer target, delivered in a much more powerful way than any written document or Powerpoint presentation.

Consumer insight films include accompanied

Filming supermarket shoppers

Combining your qualitative research skills and our high end video production experience, we can deliver your research findings in a well paced and professionally edited film. Techniques include in-depth interviews filmed in the home or at work, accompanied shopping trips, filmed drive tests, on-street vox-pops, observational filming and in-store intercept interviews.

We provide experienced camera operators who are set-up quickly:  We know that discussion guides are often packed so our camera ops waste no time in getting rolling. Radio microphones are often used to capture great quality sound and occasionally specialist cameras are utilised to offer some creative filming opportunities.

At the end of a filming day, we transfer the high definition recordings in to a compressed format which the client can take away on a USB pen drive. This video file has a rolling on-screen time-code, which researchers can reference when they are selecting the comments that they want to appear in the final film.

At the editing stage, captured comments are expertly edited with cutaway shots, music, graphics and subtitles (for foreign language projects) and, when appropriate, ‘voice-over’ narration, to deliver a compelling piece of video based research.