Filming and AV for Car Clinics

Filming and AV for Car Clinics

Irwin Video specialise in providing car clinic AV and focus group filming. We have provided car clinic AV support for many different market research companies. We work on automotive research projects in the UK and for multi-market projects around the world.

Filming Services & AV for Car Clinics:

  • Operated or Static Camera HD Filming of focus groups and depth interviews
  • Secure wireless mobile filming, useful for filming around vehicles in a car clinic setting
  • High quality radio microphones for all respondents and moderator
  • Audio / Video link to Clients Viewing area: Large screen HD TV monitors and multi-channel digital wireless headphones
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment for projects requiring live translation
  • High quality MP4 video recordings and MP3 audio recordings delivered on site
  • Professional grade in-car mini cameras
  • High specification HD TVs and projection systems for displaying stimulus
  • Secure, low cost video web streaming

Car Clinic Filming

Car clinic filming

Car clinic filming

Irwin Video specialise in providing car clinic AV and focus group filming. We have provided car clinic AV support for many different market research companies. We work on automotive research projects in the UK and for multi-market projects around the world.

Our car clinic AV technique involves focus group filming, including wireless mobile filming for when the respondents are required to discuss whilst walking around vehicles. Filming can be either single or multi-camera and we include radio microphones for all respondents to achieve great sound quality. At the end of the event, we provide high quality MP4 video recordings for the research team and clients to take away on USB pen drives.

HD video link

HD video link and digital wireless headphones in the viewing room

Video Links & Web Streaming for Car Clinics

More often than not, researchers and clients will want to watch the focus groups from a client viewing room. For this we provide a HD video link to a large LED TV or HD projector. Clients listen in to the discussion using our digital wireless headphones. If simultaneous interpretation is required, we provide the necessary equipment to facilitate this. Viewers can then select the appropriate channel on their headsets to listen to either the local language or the interpreter.

We can also provide secure live video web streaming from car clinics so clients can log-in and watch remotely. See Web Stream Your Research.

Drive-Test Filming

For car clinic AV projects that require dynamic evaluation, we install high quality dash mounted cameras and microphones. We even have the technology to be able to live web stream the drive so clients can watch from the comfort of a client viewing room or indeed their own office/home. See Live video link for further information.

Large Screen Projection

For clinics that require respondents to evaluate 2D images of vehicles, we can supply and install a large screen video projection system.

Large screen projection for market research


Focus Group Web Streaming

Irwin Video’s low-cost focus group web streaming service has been designed specifically for market research projects. We can securely web stream your focus groups, depth interviews and vox-pops from a hotel, viewing facility, recruiter’s home or wherever you decide to conduct your research project. We can offer focus group web streaming from anywhere, even venues where there is no broadband internet or the connection speed is inadequate. Your clients can then watch the live web stream on their laptop, iPad or iPhone, from the convenience of their own office or the comfort of their own home.

Focus Group Web Streaming

Live Video Web Streaming for Market Research

On the day of the fieldwork, one of our video technicians will set-up the recording and web-streaming equipment at the venue. They will then remain on site to monitor the web stream and operate the camera, if required. After the groups/IDIs have finished, they will hand over the HD video recordings on a USB pen drive for the moderator to take away.

Web Streaming Features

  • Secure Log-in
  • HD Video and Audio
  • Viewer Chat Facility
  • Viewable on Apple devices
  • Stream from Anywhere

High Quality Picture & Sound

Irwin Video have been filming focus groups and other qualitative research projects for over ten years. We use HD video cameras, which can be either static to show a wide shot of the group, or operated for close up filming. We also use the most appropriate microphones for good quality sound pick-up. Viewers with a good internet connection will be able to watch the web stream in high quality: For those with a slower connection, the web stream will automatically drop to a lower quality to avoid buffering.

Focus Group Web Streaming

Viewer portal showing live web stream with chat facility


Professional Video Production

Video, if done well, has the power to boost customer engagement and undoubtedly help to convert sales. It is now well known that search engines love video, so adding video content to your web site will also help increase web traffic.

Irwin Video provide high-quality, good value video production. We make creative corporate films that will not only provide engaging content for your website or trade stand, but will also present your company with the professional image it deserves. We take care of the scripting, filming, editing and final delivery of your video, to produce a  video which will create a great impression to your customers or clients.

The types of videos that we produce include:

  • Promotional Video / Corporate Film
  • Training Video
  • Product Demonstration Video
  • CEO Presentations
  • Consumer Insight Films

We can also produce foreign language versions of your film, using subtitles or foreign voice-over artists, helping you to reach out to customers in overseas markets.


Multi-Camera Conference Filming

Every April, Irwin Video head up to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool to film Usdaw’s biggest conference in its calendar. The UK’s fourth largest trade union hold their Annual Delegate Meeting, and we’re there to film the four day event in its entirety.

Working with T5 Event Media we set-up and operate a multi-camera system with HD vision mixing. Our equipment includes a wireless HD video transmitter and wireless talkback system, which enables us to utilise a mobile camera on the conference floor without the danger of running cables. The output from our vision mixer feeds two large-venue HD projectors as well as several plasma screens around the Winter Gardens.

We make HD recordings of the entire event and we also provide a video editor on-site who, equipped with a portable edit suite, cuts together a highlights film which is played to the conference audience on the last day. We also create compressed MPEG4 video files on-site which provide Usdaw with a comprehensive video archive of all debates and guest speakers.