Conference Filming: The Labour Leadership Hustings

Events and conference filming is a service provided by Irwin Video. This week, we have been conference filming at the GMB Annual Delegate Meeting in Dublin where the five declared candidates for the Labour Party leadership addressed the trade union, before taking questions from among the 500 delegates.

Working for event management and AV specialist T5 Event Media, we supplied a multi-camera and vision mixing set-up along with crew.  The output from our vision mixer fed large screen HD projectors within the conference hall and multiple TV screens around the CityWest venue. Our conference filming was also viewed by a wider audience via live webcasting. We also make MPEG-4 video recordings of the entire five day event which the union use for archive purposes.

Events and Conference Filming

Irwin Video film many different types of events throughout the year from single camera, one day seminars to large venue conferences.  Our conference filming service can include:

  • Single camera or multi-camera coverage
  • Live web-casting
  • Wireless HD video transmission
  • Data capture for webinars
  • Twitter integration
  • HD large screen video projection
  • On-site editing for conference highlights

Multi-Camera Conference Filming

Every April, Irwin Video head up to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool to film Usdaw’s biggest conference in its calendar. The UK’s fourth largest trade union hold their Annual Delegate Meeting, and we’re there to film the four day event in its entirety.

Working with T5 Event Media we set-up and operate a multi-camera system with HD vision mixing. Our equipment includes a wireless HD video transmitter and wireless talkback system, which enables us to utilise a mobile camera on the conference floor without the danger of running cables. The output from our vision mixer feeds two large-venue HD projectors as well as several plasma screens around the Winter Gardens.

We make HD recordings of the entire event and we also provide a video editor on-site who, equipped with a portable edit suite, cuts together a highlights film which is played to the conference audience on the last day. We also create compressed MPEG4 video files on-site which provide Usdaw with a comprehensive video archive of all debates and guest speakers.