Building (and filming) a Car Clinic research event

Irwin Video provide filming and AV services for many types of market research events, including car clinics. On a recent UK car clinic for a premium car manufacturer, we supplied a high resolution, 7 metre wide LED video wall, which was used to show real-size video animations of current and future vehicle designs. The LED video wall can be built to any size, sits directly on to the floor and offers a vivid, high definition image which, unlike projection systems, delivers uniform brightness across the whole screen.

We made this timelapse film for Promotor Events, who set up the car clinic on behalf of Northstar Research Partners (UK).

In addition to the video wall, we also provided several camera operators to film multiple streams of focus groups and one-on-one interviews, as well as portable translation systems for focus group interpreters, and wireless multi-channel headsets for attending clients.

Filming focus groups and IDIs at a car clinic.

Camera operators were completely mobile and able to wirelessly follow focus groups and IDI respondents around several vehicles in the hall. Respondents, sometimes up to 8 in a group, wore radio microphones which transmitted audio directly to the mobile camera.

We also provided iPads with video clip logging software which enabled listening-in researchers to note interesting customer quotes and easily locate these video clips after the event.

We continued on to provide our AV and filming services for this project in the USA, China and UAE.