TV Hires for Events across the north west

Irwin Video provide TV hire for all sorts of events across the north west of England. Recently we have supplied TVs for the Thwaites Trade Show, held at the Concorde Conference Centre at Manchester Airport.

TV hire for trade shows

We have also recently supplied TV hires for conference and corporate events held at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, the Crowne Plaza hotel in Chester and Hyndburn Town Hall in Accrington, to name but three. We have also supplied TV hires for private events such as a wedding at the Mercure Haydock hotel, a charity event held at Rainford village hall and an anniversary celebration at the De Vere Cranage Estate in Holmes Chapel.

TV hires for conferences

We can supply multiple TVs of various sizes, plus included is a floor stand and all the cables and connections you will need. All of our TVs are high quality 4K screens.

Click here for prices and bookings.


Simultaneous Live & Cadaveric Demonstration

As part of Relife‘s ongoing support to specialists working within dermatology and aesthetic medicine, they required our event filming and web-streaming expertise to capture a rather unique and exciting demonstration. Working with the photography and medical filming specialists Surgical Media, Irwin Video filmed at Relife’s Anatomical Cadaveric Aesthetic Demonstration meeting in London. The mini-conference was held at the prestigious Guy’s Hospital Campus Medical School at King’s College London. The cadaveric anatomical demonstrations required us to set-up live links to two remote locations, one being a dissection lab within the campus and the other at SE1 Mediacal Aestetics London clinic.

Web-streaming from the lecture theatre

The conference audience, watching on the large screen in the lecture theatre, could watch the procedure being carried out in the clinic on a live patient whilst simultaneously watching the same procedure in the lab. The audience were able to ask questions via two-way links to the surgeons whilst they operated, allowing them to demonstrate best practices.

Filming and streaming from the dissection lab

Whilst establishing video communication can be relatively easy these days using applications like Zoom, capturing the fine details in the medical procedures demanded much higher video quality.  Using webRTC and SRT internet protocols, we were able to deliver broadcast-quality, low latency, full frame-rate video and crystal clear audio.  This enabled the medical demonstration to be a highly engaging experience for the conference audience.

For any enquiries on the filming and web-streaming of Cadaver Lab Training, please contact Neil at Surgical Media on 07775696309.


For hire: Camera operator with Teradek Bond Backpack

Irwin Video have been using Teradek Bond Pro systems for several years now. Adding to our live webstreaming equipment, we have bought the Teradek Bond Backpack – a ‘stream-from-anywhere” solution for broadcasters and event filmers seeking the best in signal reception and video quality. The backpack is battery powered and completely portable, using the mobile or cellular networks for uplinking the web-stream.


It offers professional HEVC/H.264 streaming and offers a secure way to live-stream the video over the internet. It does so using a protocol called SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) – which uses end to end 128/256 bit encryption. This feature is particulary important when streaming meetings where the content is confidential.

We also have the Cube 775 – HEVC/AVC decoder, so we can provide a full end-to-end streaming service.

If your next project or broadcast requires a high quality live web-stream, please get in touch.


Building (and filming) a Car Clinic research event

Irwin Video provide filming and AV services for many types of market research events, including car clinics. On a recent UK car clinic for a premium car manufacturer, we supplied a high resolution, 7 metre wide LED video wall, which was used to show real-size video animations of current and future vehicle designs. The LED video wall can be built to any size, sits directly on to the floor and offers a vivid, high definition image which, unlike projection systems, delivers uniform brightness across the whole screen.

We made this timelapse film for Promotor Events, who set up the car clinic on behalf of Northstar Research Partners (UK).

In addition to the video wall, we also provided several camera operators to film multiple streams of focus groups and one-on-one interviews, as well as portable translation systems for focus group interpreters, and wireless multi-channel headsets for attending clients.

Filming focus groups and IDIs at a car clinic.

Camera operators were completely mobile and able to wirelessly follow focus groups and IDI respondents around several vehicles in the hall. Respondents, sometimes up to 8 in a group, wore radio microphones which transmitted audio directly to the mobile camera.

We also provided iPads with video clip logging software which enabled listening-in researchers to note interesting customer quotes and easily locate these video clips after the event.

We continued on to provide our AV and filming services for this project in the USA, China and UAE.


Filming the London Cardiac Arrest Symposium

Irwin Video returned to The Geographical Society building to film guest speakers at the London Cardiac Arrest Symposium. In addition to multi-camera filming of the conference, we also recorded all Powerpoint presentations and combined them with the video to provide multi-view video files of each guest speaker.

Capturing Powerpoint during the filmed presentations

The event is supported by Zoll UK and run alongside the London Trauma Conference. Click the video below to watch a short film that we made to introduce the event.


Market Research Filming and AV in China

Irwin Video have been providing focus group filming services for market research projects in China since 2014. In particular, we have supplied AV technique for car clinics held in Shanghai and Beijing. Such projects require a lot of specialist equipment, much of which can be difficult to rent in China. As well as video cameras and crew, we provide high quality radio microphones (operating on frequencies that are legal in China), high quality audio mixing equipment, video links, simultaneous interpretation consoles and digital wireless headsets. We have also supplied large screen projection and LED video walls for car clinics in China.

Our AV desk on a car clinic project in Shanghai

If you require high quality audio visual for your next market research project in China, drop us a line. We film focus groups, IDIs and ethnographic interviews, and we have a lot of experience of providing AV technique for automotive research in China.


Car Clinic Filming and AV across the world

Irwin Video have been very busy with car clinic filming this year. We have been as far east as Shanghai and as far west as Los Angeles. In June, we worked on our first car clinic filming project in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. The departure board in the picture shows just some of the trips we’ve made this year. Of course, being based in England, the majority of projects that Irwin Video support are here in the UK.

For those who have not heard of car clinics, they are market research events, commissioned by a car manufacturer, where suitable respondents are invited to provide their opinions on new and forthcoming vehicles.

The event is often held in a large venue, such as a an exhibition hall or film studio. Focus groups and in-depth interviews are often conducted as part of the project.

Unlike focus groups in viewing facilities where the entire discussion takes place around a table, respondents at car clinics are invited to walk around, getting in and out of several different vehicles. With clients eager to hear what everyone thinks of their new automotive ideas and researchers keen to capture valuable killer quotes for their post-fieldwork presentation, it is our job to make sure that we film and record high quality video and audio of all respondent reaction. Not only film, but also transmit the video signal to a client viewing room tucked away somewhere in the venue.

Our Car Clinic Filming and AV Service

We provide a fully HD service, from the cameras to the large screen TVs or projectors in the viewing room. For safe mobile filming we use encrypted wireless video transmission.

We use high grade, long range radio microphones and sound desk equipment for excellent sound pick-up.

Clients listen using digital, wireless headsets. For projects where a translator is required, we provide simultaneous translation equipment. Listeners can easily tune their headsets to listen to their preferred audio channel.

Our camera operators have wireless talk-back headsets so instructions can be passed quickly from clients via our AV desk.

Whilst our master video recordings are of high quality, we also make a compressed version, so clients can quickly take away the video files at the end of clinic, not having to wait for large file transfers.

We offer a secure live video web-streaming service, so clients can watch the focus groups remotely.

And for projects which involve drive tests, we provide professional grade in-car mini cameras and microphones. In addition, we provide a unique live-link service from the moving vehicles so clients in the viewing room can watch the drive test as it happens.

Contact us for more information of our car clinic filming and AV service.


Filming and AV for Car Clinics

Filming and AV for Car Clinics

Irwin Video specialise in providing car clinic AV and focus group filming. We have provided car clinic AV support for many different market research companies. We work on automotive research projects in the UK and for multi-market projects around the world.

Filming Services & AV for Car Clinics:

  • Operated or Static Camera HD Filming of focus groups and depth interviews
  • Secure wireless mobile filming, useful for filming around vehicles in a car clinic setting
  • High quality radio microphones for all respondents and moderator
  • Audio / Video link to Clients Viewing area: Large screen HD TV monitors and multi-channel digital wireless headphones
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment for projects requiring live translation
  • High quality MP4 video recordings and MP3 audio recordings delivered on site
  • Professional grade in-car mini cameras
  • High specification HD TVs and projection systems for displaying stimulus
  • Secure, low cost video web streaming

Car Clinic Filming

Car clinic filming

Car clinic filming

Irwin Video specialise in providing car clinic AV and focus group filming. We have provided car clinic AV support for many different market research companies. We work on automotive research projects in the UK and for multi-market projects around the world.

Our car clinic AV technique involves focus group filming, including wireless mobile filming for when the respondents are required to discuss whilst walking around vehicles. Filming can be either single or multi-camera and we include radio microphones for all respondents to achieve great sound quality. At the end of the event, we provide high quality MP4 video recordings for the research team and clients to take away on USB pen drives.

HD video link

HD video link and digital wireless headphones in the viewing room

Video Links & Web Streaming for Car Clinics

More often than not, researchers and clients will want to watch the focus groups from a client viewing room. For this we provide a HD video link to a large LED TV or HD projector. Clients listen in to the discussion using our digital wireless headphones. If simultaneous interpretation is required, we provide the necessary equipment to facilitate this. Viewers can then select the appropriate channel on their headsets to listen to either the local language or the interpreter.

We can also provide secure live video web streaming from car clinics so clients can log-in and watch remotely. See Web Stream Your Research.

Drive-Test Filming

For car clinic AV projects that require dynamic evaluation, we install high quality dash mounted cameras and microphones. We even have the technology to be able to live web stream the drive so clients can watch from the comfort of a client viewing room or indeed their own office/home. See Live video link for further information.

Large Screen Projection

For clinics that require respondents to evaluate 2D images of vehicles, we can supply and install a large screen video projection system.

Large screen projection for market research


Conference Filming at The London Cardiac Arrest Symposium

Conference filming and web-streaming represents a large part of what Irwin Video offer. This week we have been filming at the London Cardiac Arrest Symposium held at the impressive Royal Geographical Society buildings in Kensington, London.

We filmed 12 speakers and captured their presentation material in high definition. The final edited videos display a split screen showing both the presenter and their presentation. The films offer an opportunity for doctors, nurses, paramedics and resuscitation officers who were unable to attend to update their knowledge in important areas of cardiac arrest management.

In addition to filming the presentations, we filmed the event sponsor’s stand and general shots of the event to create a short highlights film which is used by the sponsor to promote future events.

For events and conference filming, we often use two or three HD cameras. We take a data feed direct from the presenters laptops to make a high quality recording of their Powerpoint presentations and video material. When appropriate, we use wireless transmitters attached to the camera when we need to send a video signal without using cables and we utilise a wireless talkback system for cable-free communication between the camera operators and vision mixer operator.

For some events, we provide live video web streaming. We can even provide web streaming from locations where connection to the internet locally is problematic. See Web-streaming using Teradek Bond for more information


A Busy Month of Car Clinic AV

The Irwin Video crews have been very busy this month providing car clinic AV services. This weekend we have been working on two car research events, one in London and one in Düsseldorf. This totals five car clinics for us this month, including one crew flying out to work on an event in Dubai.

Car Clinic AV Services

Our car clinic AV services include:

  • Operated or Static Camera HD Filming of focus groups and depth interviews
  • Secure wireless mobile filming, useful for filming around vehicles in a car clinic setting
  • High quality radio microphones for all respondents and moderator
  • Audio / Video link to Clients Viewing area: Large screen HD TV monitors and multi-channel digital wireless headphones
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment for projects requiring live translation
  • Professional grade in-car mini cameras
  • High quality MP4 video recordings and MP3 audio recordings delivered on site
  • High specification HD TVs and projection systems for displaying 2D stimulus
  • Secure, low cost video web streaming

Car clinics are an effective means of conducting automotive research, both quantitative and qualitative, in a controlled environment. Irwin Video have been providing car clinic AV services for over 10 years. The majority of projects that we work on are in the UK, but we have also travelled to other countries to provide AV technique for car clinics. These include France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, USA, China and UAE.

Car clinic AV

Irwin Video crew Eddie and Andrew visit the Burj Khalifa during a recent project in Dubai


Focus Group Web Streaming

Irwin Video’s low-cost focus group web streaming service has been designed specifically for market research projects. We can securely web stream your focus groups, depth interviews and vox-pops from a hotel, viewing facility, recruiter’s home or wherever you decide to conduct your research project. We can offer focus group web streaming from anywhere, even venues where there is no broadband internet or the connection speed is inadequate. Your clients can then watch the live web stream on their laptop, iPad or iPhone, from the convenience of their own office or the comfort of their own home.

Focus Group Web Streaming

Live Video Web Streaming for Market Research

On the day of the fieldwork, one of our video technicians will set-up the recording and web-streaming equipment at the venue. They will then remain on site to monitor the web stream and operate the camera, if required. After the groups/IDIs have finished, they will hand over the HD video recordings on a USB pen drive for the moderator to take away.

Web Streaming Features

  • Secure Log-in
  • HD Video and Audio
  • Viewer Chat Facility
  • Viewable on Apple devices
  • Stream from Anywhere

High Quality Picture & Sound

Irwin Video have been filming focus groups and other qualitative research projects for over ten years. We use HD video cameras, which can be either static to show a wide shot of the group, or operated for close up filming. We also use the most appropriate microphones for good quality sound pick-up. Viewers with a good internet connection will be able to watch the web stream in high quality: For those with a slower connection, the web stream will automatically drop to a lower quality to avoid buffering.

Focus Group Web Streaming

Viewer portal showing live web stream with chat facility


Fourth Promotional Video for Cheshire based Company

Irwin Video have completed the fourth promotional video in a series of films for CoreRFID. Cheshire based CoreRFID have been very pleased with the series of promotional films that we have produced for them. This year alone, CoreRFID have commissioned four case study films which show how their clients benefit from their RFID products and services.

The latest promotional film case studies Street CraneXpress, a Sheffield based company which uses CoreRFID’s CheckedOK for its lifting equipment inspection system.

Filming the Promotional Video

Filming took place at Street CraneXpress’s offices and workshop. Director Eddie Irwin and camera operator Steven Thomas began with filming an interview with James Eastwood, the Operations Manager at SCX. The crew then staged a number of scenes which included filming one of SCX’s engineers inspecting crane equipment. A SCX employee was also drafted in to play the role of a customer.  One of the shots involved mounting a camera to a hoist and lowering the camera towards the engineer on the ground.

Promotional Video for Cheshire Based CoreRFID

A crane mounted camera was used in the case study film for CoreRFID

Some additional filming was later arranged at CoreRFID’s offices in Warrington, to film a brief interview Richard Harrison, their Technical Sales Director.

Editing the Film

At the editing stage, the answers from the interview with James were carefully edited to create the narrative for the film. Shots from the engineer and customer scenes were creatively overlaid. Music and titles were then added to produce a highly engaging and informative promotional video.

This promotional film was the fourth in a series of case study films produced for CoreRFID this year. The first case study film was filmed in Selby, North Yorkshire, and featured CoreRFIDs asset management tracking system used by Industrial Chemicals Limited. In the summer, we travelled to Ireland to film a further two case study films with Hoistech Ltd and Assess Ireland. Visit our video production page to watch these films and other examples of our work.