Irwin Video have been using Teradek Bond Pro systems for several years now. Adding to our live webstreaming equipment, we have bought the Teradek Bond Backpack – a ‘stream-from-anywhere” solution for broadcasters and event filmers seeking the best in signal reception and video quality. The backpack is battery powered and completely portable, using the mobile or cellular networks for uplinking the web-stream.


It offers professional HEVC/H.264 streaming and offers a secure way to live-stream the video over the internet. It does so using a protocol called SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) – which uses end to end 128/256 bit encryption. This feature is particulary important when streaming meetings where the content is confidential.

We also have the Cube 775 – HEVC/AVC decoder, so we can provide a full end-to-end streaming service.

If your next project or broadcast requires a high quality live web-stream, please get in touch.

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