Video Editing Service for Market Researchers

Market researchers recognise that video is a powerful tool for conveying consumer opinion.  A presentation of findings which includes video clips of the customers will engage the audience in a way that is not possible through a written document.

Zoom interviews and self-ethnography have become useful methods for recording consumer insight, but presenting your findings in an interesting and engaging way can be a challenge.  Our video editors have the tools and expertise to help.  

Irwin Video have worked with research partners to deliver insight films for a number of blue-chip companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Toyota, Unilever, M&S and Sainsburys.  You tell us which clips you need and we will turn your footage into a highly polished film complete with titles, music and graphics.  We can also add sub-titles for foreign language recordings.
But if all you need is a few video clips for a Powerpoint presentation, we can do that too.
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