Focus Group Filming and Video Links

Irwin Video have specialised in professional focus group filming for over 10 years. We have filmed in all types of venues across the UK and beyond to video record focus groups and in-depth interviews in high definition.

We only use professional high-definition cameras and we ensure good quality sound recordings using radio microphones or multiple boundary microphones. We have worked for many different market research companies including GfK, Ideas+Visions, Escalent and Northstar Research in numerous types of venues such as exhibition halls, hotels, car dealerships, supermarkets, viewing facilities and even recruiters’ homes.

Our cameras can be discretely fixed to offer a wide shot of the discussion group, or they can be operated for more compelling viewing. For focus groups where respondents are required to walk around, such as in car evaluation at a car clinic, we offer a wireless mobile filming service.

Focus Group Filming

‘Close-Up’ Focus Group Filming

At the end of the research, moderators can immediately take away the HD recordings on a USB pen drive, or download them the following day from our secure file sharing server. No longer is there a need to wait for low quality DVDs to be burnt.

Video Links & Interpretation Equipment

When clients want to watch the focus group filming from a nearby viewing room, we install a high definition digital video link to a client viewing area. Clients can watch the research on a large screen HD TV and listen on a speaker or use our digital wireless headphones. For projects that require a simultaneous interpreter to translate the discussion as it happens, we also supply the necessary interpretation equipment. Viewers can tune their wireless headphones to listen to either the local language or the interpreter.

Web Streaming Focus Groups

If the clients prefer to watch the focus group filming remotely, we can also offer secure live video web-streaming of the focus group filming from virtually any location.  We have web streamed many focus groups from venues across the UK and around the world.