New: Professional Wedding Filming with Live Web-Streaming

Wedstream is our new professional wedding filming with live web-streaming service. We have introduced Wedstream in response to the problems facing couples due to get married during the Covid 19 outbreak. Whilst many couples have postponed their weddings until a later date, some wish to continue with their plans, despite all the difficulties this presents. We wanted to offer a professional wedding filming service that, not only provided a lasting memory of the special day, but also allowed friends and family unable to attend an opportunity to share the wedding couples’ day as it happens.

How does Wedstream work?

In the days leading up to your wedding, we prepare for your live event to be shown on both Facebook and Youtube. You can share our Facebook posts to your friends, which will tell them when the live-stream of your wedding will take place.

On the day of your wedding our professional camera operator will set-up the equipment at your wedding venue before you arrive. Nothing will seem any different to using any other videographer, except our camera operator will have a web-streaming ‘back-pack’ which connects to the video camera. The back-pack contains the encoding equipment which transmits a high quality video signal to your online audience. The venue doesn’t need to provide an internet connection, or wi-fi, as the backpack also contains multiple mobile SIMs working across different networks to provide a high speed up-link. As all the camera and streaming equipment is battery powered and portable, the camera operator is free to move around to provide the best filming angles. Wedstream truly is a stream-from-anywhere service.

Just before your wedding begins, the online audience will receive a message to say that the web-stream is going live. Friends and family, unable to attend in person, can then enjoy your wedding by watching on their smartphones, tablets, computers or Smart TVs.

Irwin Video began life as a wedding videographers back in 2005. Within a few years, our business developed and we moved into the corporate world of filming events, promotional films and live-webstreaming. Recent events have encouraged us to combine our web-streaming expertise with our wedding filming experience to offer an exciting and unique service: Wedstream.

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