For our qualitative researcher friends in the world of automotive research, you might be interested to know that we have some new equipment that allows us to provide a live video link from a moving vehicle. For car research projects with drive test evaluation, researchers and clients can sit comfortably in a central location viewing room, or indeed at their home/office, to watch the research unfold as it happens. We have successfully demonstrated the live video link at a car clinic event held in London, conducted by market research company MM-Eye.

The YouTube link below provides a demonstration of the equipment installation and a sample of the received transmission.

The transmitter uses multiple 3G & 4G mobile signals across all the cellular networks to send the high quality video stream. This means we can stream from anywhere that has sufficient mobile coverage.

Automotive Research Filming Services provided by Irwin Video

Irwin Video have been providing automotive research filming and AV services since 2005. We have worked on many car clinic events held in the UK, as well as Europe, China and the USA.  We supply the camera equipment and crews to film focus groups and we set up video links so clients can watch the groups from a viewing room.

In most cases, filming focus groups discussing cars involves following the respondents in and around prototype and reference vehicles, so we need to supply cameras with mobile capability. To do this safely and securely, we fit a HD video transmitter to our camera which sends an encrypted wireless video signal to the viewing room. We also fit radio microphones to the respondents to achieve high quality audio pick-up.

Clients and researchers in the viewing room watch the discussion groups on a large screen and listen using digital wireless headphones. In addition to recording focus groups and providing an AV relay, Irwin Video also provide the following:

  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment for projects requiring a translator
  • Video clip editing
  • Ethnographic interview filming
  • Live video web-streaming
  • In-car cameras for drive test evaluation
  • Full HD video projection to display ‘full size’ vehicles on a large projector screen
  • LCD / Plasma / LED TVs to display stimulus
  • High-spec laptops
  • MP3 recorders