Irwin Video have today been web streaming focus groups from Sutton Coldfield in the Midlands. The project was for London based Voodoo Research, from a hotel which couldn’t offer a sufficient broadband connection for web streaming focus groups. However, with our mobile transmission equipment we were able to deliver a high quality, uninterrupted live video stream to remote viewers.

Irwin Video have been web streaming focus groups for several years now, from many places across the UK and Europe. The recent addition of our mobile transmission equipment to our web streaming kit allows us to web stream focus groups from any location, whether that be a hotel, a shopping centre, a recruiters home or on the street. Our aim has always been to offer a high quality, low cost option for web streaming focus groups and other types of qualitative research. Now we can offer this service from any location, so the worry of whether a venue has a suitable internet connection is removed.

Focus-Group-Camera2How it all works

Our technician arrives on site on the day of the web stream to set up a compact HD video camera, several high quality microphones and the web streaming equipment. If the local broadband is not suitable, we will also install a mobile transmitter. This is a small piece of equipment, with only a tidy and compact antenna visible. The antenna is usually positioned outside or attached to the window. The transmitter works by combining multiple 3G and 4G mobile signals across all of the cellular networks. Using the high speed mobile uplink that this achieves, we are able to web stream focus groups with a high picture and audio quality. With testing, this all takes less than two hours to set up. About ten minutes before the start of the research the web stream goes live.

Mobile Web Streaming Antenna

Mobile Web Streaming Antenna

Remote viewers will then be able to log in and watch the web stream via our website, using the log-in details that we will have sent a few days earlier. Viewers can watch on ipads and iphones, as well as laptop and desktop computers. Whilst watching the web streaming focus groups, viewers have the option to use the ‘chat’ feature of the web page as a way of sending messages to other viewers.

After the focus groups have finished, the on-site technician provides the moderator with a USB pen drive containing the HD video files of the groups.

We use several mini table microphones and an audio mixer to achieve high quality sound

We use several mini table microphones and an audio mixer to achieve high quality sound




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